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Parenting PRIDE: Our journey from infertility to motherhood

June 24, 2017

by Amanda Boucher

Ever since Angela and I met, we knew that we’d have children. She’d never had a strong desire for it but I always did. Being a mom was something I knew in my heart that I’d always be. So, when infertility struck, it was devastating. After years of trying, losses and negative tests, we turned to other options. During our search we found embryo donation. The concept is simple; people that have leftover embryos, but are done with their families, choose to donate them to people like us. They have a few options for what to do with the extra embryos, including disposing of them, but some incredibly selfless donors choose to share them with families like ours.


We thought we’d give it a chance and just see what happens, and within two hours of posting our profile online, we were contacted by a wonderful family! We clicked with them immediately and began the seemingly daunting process of legally transferring the embryos to our names. Once everything was transferred and ready to go, we flew across the country to their clinic to start the process. Sadly, all six of the beautiful embryos that were so graciously gifted to us did not survive the thaw. We were back at square one.


I began calling around and eventually did find a great clinic and wonderful couple that were looking for the right home for their embryos. After some communication, they chose us! Five perfect frozen embryos were gifted to us. We traveled to the clinic in December of 2015 to transfer two embryos. Shortly after, we found out that we were expecting! My levels were great and doubling faster than usual. We went for our first ultrasound and just KNEW that it was twins! They did the scan and sure enough, there were two sacs! However, they couldn’t see a baby in the second sac and thought that it might have just been too early. Our second ultrasound showed the same and they sent us home with the advice to be happy that we had one healthy little bean.

lgbtq mother with son by flowers

Amanda and Landon stop to touch the flowers. Amanda is wearing Landon in a Victoria pikkolo carrier.


A few weeks later, at our ultrasound, the second the wand touched my belly, we saw the usual two sacs, but this time… we saw a baby in each sac! They checked out Baby A and all was well (whew!). They moved over to Baby B and we all held our breath. There was no heartbeat. We felt incredibly sad for the loss of one of our precious babies, but tried our very best to focus on our healthy Baby A.


Baby A soon was named Landon Samuel and was born in August 2016. Landon was and is the most perfect little guy! However, when Landon was two weeks old we took him to the doctor because he never seemed to stop screaming and arched his back quite a bit. After a quick test, he was diagnosed with Milk Soy Protein Intolerance (MSPI) and we started the crazy journey of attempting to tackle it. For the first six weeks of his life, we spent it sitting in the rocker holding him. Once we were finally able to muster up the courage to attempt to babywear him, life changed!

lgbtq mothers with son during pride month

Angela, Amanda, and Landon hanging out at the park together.


He was still miserable but much better when being held close. We were able to move around and feel a tiny bit human again. He spent countless days being wrapped up close to us.


Now that he is feeling better, getting older, and more active, he’s not a huge fan of being wrapped. He likes to get up and down as he pleases and we found that a buckle carrier was the way to go. We love the versatility and portability that a buckle carrier provides. Landon will be one soon and we plan to babywear until he outgrows his carrier! We love it!

lgbtq mom with son

Amanda and Landon in the Victoria pikkolo.


We do still have two amazing embryos waiting for us. If we are lucky enough to have a second little miracle, we will start babywearing from day one. It such a gift to be able to hold our little guy so close and we cherish every moment of it!

lgbtq mothers with son

A family of 3!

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