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November 2008


Long-overdue Update

November 26, 2008

We’ve let the blog slide this fall. Things have been tremendously busy. We imported our first large shipment of pikkolos from Estonia and have been so happy to have so many carriers on hand for a change! The photo here shows one of the new ones with the modified sleeping hood in action. It is also being worn with our Babywearing Support Belt, which is our new accessory for use with the pikkolo or with a mei tai and we’re happy to say it is patent-pending!  It is  a little difficult to see in the photo, as the carrier bottom itself is black and so is the belt, but it is a padded hip belt that you add to the pikkolo or your (straight-waist) mei tai to make it more like a soft structured carrier. It can really help with weight distribution to the hips and thighs with heavy babies or toddlers (probably around 20-25 lbs.). 

We attended ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas in September for the second year in a row and are signed up to attend in 2009 as well. 
Our fleece carrier covers have really taken off this year, as well, and we are scrambling to keep up with production on these. We debuted these in 2005, when the carrier market was much different and the thought of alternative carriers like mei tais, pouches, or ring slings in big-box stores was crazy. Things have changed so much in three years, and as wide-base carriers like mei tais and SSCs gain a strong foothold among parents, the need for carrier covers designed to accommodate this width is huge. We’re so happy, as this will enable us to expand our production for the 09/10 season and add an additional line, including a “heavy-duty” version made especially for extremely cold climates. 

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