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June 2006


No photo today, but felt an update was needed

June 20, 2006

Well, things are in disarray from our recent move. We’re out of the too-small condo and in a house where CatBird Baby has its very own rooms (plural!), but settling in and getting organized takes a while. Setting up electronics is something I hate to do and we’ve had to do a lot of it, with setting up the computers and getting internet working properly. And I just need to figure out a good system for organizing my fabric and stock and setting up the office area. Space was so tight before; it all got stuffed into the tiniest containers possible and put in a closet and trotted out almost every day. Now that there is space to not do this, a system needs to be found for keeping it clean. Not there yet.

The house has space, but needs a fair share of improvements and to be rid of the ghosts of owners past (let’s just say, he was a piece of work and the house is happy to be rid of him and to have us), so we have plenty of personal organizing, cleaning, and tinkering to do, as well as setting up the business. (On top of jobs, graduate school, and other assorted stresses.)

But we’re looking forward to some lovely new developments: Be By Baby is opening in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood this week and will carry CatBird Baby mei tais and we’re waiting on some new carriers being made up right now by a local manufacturer. Hopefully, soon we can post new fabric pics.

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